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Madness of Deathwing 25HC

Movie: Madness25HC, mage PoV+vt
So content is over, apparently expansion too. If that was all there is in Cata box, it feels very unsatisfying, like when you make .. actually lets skip the analogy, shall we? At least we performed our part of the game with passion and dedication and love, and tbh the fact that what we got back was a letdown didnt really come as a big surprise.

WoW endgame changed a lot over the last 2 expansions and top guilds are the minority seeing it as an involution, with its previously amazing sense of epicnes completely lost, with everything coming for free or too easy to obtain, with the new LFR encouraging lack of team spirit, selfishness, greed and baddies, with an utter lack of need to improve your game in order to kill a boss because the boss will just get easier for you, with no effort required for any of the checkpoints on your climb towards the big destination, with areas of different difficulties confusingly mixed together into the same ranking pot. If Id have to use just 1 word for "wow after TBC", that word is now clearly this: w a t e r y.
:!: Anyway, please dive down this thread lane to read
our analysis of Cataclysm high-end raiding. Its written by our EnhShaman Seifa in his - famous now :) - professional / raging / emo style. Enjoy and all the best from SC guild to everyone!
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